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VacPack Fresh Powerful, Portable, Handheld Food Vacuum Sealer

  • Powerful, portable, handheld food vacuum sealer 
  • Keeps food fresher for up to 4 x longer 
  • Extracts air from the bag creating an airtight seal, which reduces the growth of bacteria and extends the life of your food 
  • Easy to use – place food inside the bag, seal using the clip and vac pack your food 
  • Strong vacuum seal – powerful enough to crush a can but gentle on foods 
  • Specially designed reservoir captures excess liquid, so vac sealing foods with water content is no problem
  • Includes reusable, durable bags – BPA free, freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe 
  • Small, compact and portable – USB Powered 
  • Great for – marinating in minutes, preserving leftovers, extending shelf life and stopping nasty fridge odours 
  • Save money - buy food in bulk and portion  


  • 1 x VacPack Fresh Vacuum Compressor 
  • 1 x USB Power Cable (1m) 
  • 3 x Small Bags (20cm W x 21cm L) 
  • 3 x Medium Bags (25.5cm W x 34cm L) 
  • BONUS 3 x Small Bags 
  • BONUS 3 x Medium Bags 

Q: What does VacPack Fresh include?

VacPack Fresh includes 1 x VacPack Fesh Vacuum Compressor with 1 x USB Power Cable, 3 x Small Reusable Bags and 3 x Medium Reusable Bags. Plus, as a BONUS you will receive an additional 3 x Small Reusable Bags and 3 x Medium Reusable bags - that’s 12 bags total!

Q: Is VacPack Fresh easy to use?

Yes, VacPack Fresh is quick and easy to use. Simply place food inside the VacPack Fresh vacuum bag, seal the bag, connect the VacPack Fresh compressor to the vacuum bag and turn it on.

Always read and follow instruction manual before use. 

Q: What can I use VacPack Fresh for?

VacPack Fresh is a powerful, handheld food vacuum sealer that keeps food fresh for up to 4x longer. Keep your vegetables fresher and extend their nutritional goodness. Stop nasty odours stinking out your fridge. Store away dried goods to extend shelf life. Preserve leftovers or marinate meats in minutes not days. 

Q: Is VacPack Fresh rechargeable?

VacPack Fresh is not rechargeable. It is USB powered and needs to be connected to a power source for use. 

Q: Can I cook food in the reusable bags?

The VacPack Fresh reusable bags are freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe. The bags are also ideal for Sous Vide cooking. 

Q: How big are the VacPack Fresh reusable bags?

The small bags are 20cm W x 21cm L and the medium bags are 25.5cm W x 34cm L. 

Q: How do I get more reusable bags?

Packs of 6 VacPack Fresh reusable bags (3 x Small and 3 x Medium) are available as an add-on at an additional cost with any VacPack Fresh purchase. Simply click SHOP NOW and select ‘ADD’ to add them to your order. 

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