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Bionic Wall Light XL Wireless, Solar Powered, Motion Activated Wall Light

  • Bright, solar powered, motion activated, outdoor wall light
  • 76 high-intensity LED lights – provides 1,000 lumens of light
  • Provides up to 46m² of light coverage
  • Motion activated – the sensor can detect motion up to 8m away
  • Automatically turns on when motion is detected and turns off 20 seconds after the motion stops
  • 2 Modes – ECO & Bright – see FAQs for more details
  • Max Capture solar-power technology – charges two heavy duty lithium batteries during the day to provide light throughout the light
  • Quick and easy to install, just stick on, or screw in – no batteries or wires required
  • Perfect for lighting front doors, garages, walkways, fences, patios, sheds, and more!
  • Heavy duty construction and weather resistant for year-round use
  • Up to 500% brighter than other solar powered lights
  • BUY MORE & SAVE $20*

*Buy more and save $20 per additional light. Each additional unit is $49.90 + $0 P&H. Totally $20 saving.

Q: Does Bionic Wall Light XL require batteries to operate?

Bionic Wall Light XL does not require batteries to operate as it uses solar powered technology. Install it where it can charge all day in the sun, to provide a blanket of powerful bright light when needed throughout the night.

Q: How do I install Bionic Wall Light XL?

Bionic Wall Light XL is quick and easy to install and can be mounted onto virtually any flat surface using the included mounting tape or mounting screws.

Always read and follow the Bionic Wall Light XL installation instructions supplied and install it in a location that receives maximum sun exposure during the day.

Q: Does Bionic Wall Light XL have different modes?

Yes, Bionic Wall Light XL has 2 different modes which can be selected using the ON/OFF button on the front of the light.

  • Bright Motion Sensor Mode – when Bionic Wall Light XL senses motion, the light will turn on at full brightness and remain on until 20 seconds after no motion is detected. Then will turn OFF until motion is sensed again. 
  • ECO Night Motion Sensor Mode - Bionic Wall Light XL provides a continuous low light until motion is sensed, and then the light will turn on at full brightness and remain on until 20 seconds after no motion is detected. Then it will return to the ECO mode low light until motion is sensed again.

Q: Is the Bionic Wall Light XL weather resistant?

The Bionic Wall Light XL is durable and weather resistant, so it can be used outdoors, all year-round!

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